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leadership coaching for emerging leaders and teams

We help emerging leaders connect their potential with impact
and lead with wisdom.
Leadership Wisdom.

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The Challenge of Leadership

Leadership is hard. We live in a time where everything accelerates exponentially. Business constantly stands at the edge of chaos. It’s a real challenge to lead change, to meet business objectives, and yet maintain a sense of higher purpose, authenticity, and inner balance.

Without a strong sense of principles and values, we tend to lead from within our past conditioning. Unchecked, our unconscious focus on self-image and self-gain distorts what we see and distract us from staying focused on what’s most important. We become reactive, sometimes defensive, sometimes offensive. Either way, it limits potential, erodes trust in relationships and dampens success – yours, your team’s, the entire organisation.

Research shows  that up to 90% of our behaviour is conditioned, habitual and reactive – the exact opposite of the innovation, flexibility and emotional agility you need to collaborate with others and influence effectively.

Add to this the thousands of different leadership models and frameworks to choose from. Is it any wonder that leadership really does make you feel exposed?

But there is another way...

transpersonal leadership wisdom

The Pathway To Connect Potential With Impact

Leading well involves the ability to identify, frame and facilitate the change required to adapt to new emerging realities. In this respect, effective leadership requires a far more conscious perspective, healthy and transparent motivations, based on holistic principles.

Leading well means to centre our leadership on 'true north' principles and associated values.

Leaders who develop this virtuous foundation develop loyal relationships because of the qualities that differentiate them as human beings, not because of positional authority and/or intellectual competencies. They demonstrate empathy, authenticity, humilty and their leadership is charcterised by trust and compassion.

Transpersonal Coaching

Our  programs offer a new, experiential way for emerging leaders to develop their leadership purpose, align to guiding principles and cultivate deeper interpersonal connections. It enables greater self-awareness, emotional resilience, and helps them lead change with real presence.

Change Is Hard, Not Hard Wired

Our approach combines the disciplines of principle-centred leadership, and emotional intelligence. Combining these disciplines into a bespoke coaching relationship integrates the key building blocks of transformation that help you embrace change and connect your potential with impact.

role of emotions in change

Fast track your future leaders effectiveness with Leadership Wisdom®

Leadership Wisdom is more than surface knowledge. It's a deeper awareness  of meaning, purpose and principles.  We develop and coach emerging leaders to lead from beyond command and control and become the catalyst for change.

Unlock your team's
full potential with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence has been reported as the number one predictor of workplace success. We equip leaders and their teams with the emotional and social agility needed to navigate change, build resilience and cultivate trust.

Practical Transformation For Leaders

We believe leadership development is a journey of developing the whole-self. The most essential development move a leader can make is the shift from leading within ego – with all its potential limitations, defensiveness and self-centred needs – to leading beyond one's conditioning, leading with wisdom.

Leadership Wisdom® Development Programs

Our Leadership Wisdom® programs are an immersive program that incorporates half-day workshops and leadership coaching over an initial duration of 90 or 180 days. The aim is to develop the emerging leader's leadership principles and their capacity to lead from a higher place of inner strength and holism.

The benefits of this program is a transformed leader who is more aware of their values and guiding principles. They become more open minded, transparent, daring, and at the same time grounded in empathy and social responsiblity for those around them.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments for Leaders

Emotions drive people and people drive performance. Research shows that emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of workplace performance, and that increasing emotional intelligence leads to increased leadership effectiveness, team effectiveness, general wellbeing and resilience.

Our emotional intelligence leadership assessments give you immediately actionable insights into leadership strengths and development opportunities. Completed as a self assessment online or in a 360° multi-rater format. Includes a professional de-brief.

Leadership Wisdom® Assessments

Our individual and organisational assessments draw on behavioural and cultural indicators at the grassroots level to highlight individual leadership attributes and wider cultural attributes concerned with shared motives, joint attitudes, and common behaviours.

Executive Coaching

For emerging leaders, new leaders, or seasoned executives. The coaching process enables the leader to tap into what can't be seen on the surface. It facilitates transformational change from within that enables leaders to unlock extraordinary personal and organisation results.

Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the emotional and social skillset that influences the way we understand and express ourselves, connect with others, adapt and cope with challenges, and manage our emotions rather than being managed by them. It's the key to communicating with the hearts and minds of those around you at a more profound level to create healthy, sustainable relationships.

emotional intelligence model

Emotional Intelligence Assessments

The EQ-i2.0/EQ360 stands out as a rigorous scientific measure of emotional and social functioning. The assessment identifies 15 separate but related factors that provide a structure for meaningful development. Major themes measured are Self-Perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal, Decision-Making and Stress Management. Completed as a self assessment online or in a 360° multi-rater format. Includes a professional de-brief.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Our recommended process begins with an EQ-i 2.0 Self Assessment. Your results highlight your strengths and development opportunities. Working with your coach in confidential follow up sessions provides a non-judgemental yet challenging relationship to help you set and achieve goals, be more mindful, pursue your passions, and bring out the best in yourself and others.

Emotional Intelligence Team Development

Is your team engaged, excited, pursuing a shared vision? How do you know? We measure the skills that create exceptional teams. Whilst IQ counts, without EQ the team flails. Teams thrive when people connect, collaborate, and share mutual trust. Using the EQ-i 2.0 Workplace Assessment we can assess and equip your team with the learnable competencies that deliver real results.

Create a Braver, More Powerful Culture.
Coaching - Emotional Intelligence - Leadership Development

Think about the last time your team was at their best and working in the zone. Now compare that to the time when everyone's simply going through the motions. For the quality of experience, the engagement levels, productivity, and just the joy of living, the gap between the two is vast. We help you bridge that gap and create a culture that brings out the best in everyone.

Our Difference

Happier, more productive, successful and sustainable cultures.

Unlike many development programs our emphasis is on the innate need to evolve one's potential beyond just the intellect - moving away from often biased, ego-based, unconscious and automatic behavior, and toward developing perspective, motivation and emotionally intelligent behaviors that consistently serve “the greatest good for the whole".

Why is coaching integral to our programs?
Training or mentoring alone often gives people new knowledge, and sometimes new skills. The results are often, however, fleeting. Coaching brings heightened awareness and accountability to the roots underpinning behaviour, and moves beyond surface level change, to help you create a sustainable leadership culture based on authenticity, emotional agility, and individual accountability.


Achieving lasting shifts in the way leaders view their inner capacities and therefore act in, and on, their organisations – not just new skills and competencies.


Our programs develop and apply the learnings from the inside out through a combination of assessments, coaching, mindfulness practices, and individual reflection.


Leadership development is not just cognitive, it requires an emotional and physical shift in how you lead. Our aim is to create deep self-awareness and a greater range in leaders’ practice and presence with others.


Unlike a classroom only event, our immersive programs move leaders to shift the culture through small powerful nudges of motivational shift, which change behaviours and enables organisational culture shift.


Our approach is to build in assessments that measure the impact our work has on both the participants and the organisation.

About Us

Individuals, teams and organisations thrive when there is meaningful alignment between personal and professional values, and when we remain compassionately present to self, others, and our intent. Our aim is to cultivate this purposeful, wisdom based approach to leadership that unlocks better social and financial outcomes.

Craig White Executive Coach

Craig White

Principal Coach/Consultant

· Certified Executive & Organisational Coach
· Certified EQ-i 2.0 / EQ 360 Practitioner
· Graduate Certificate Marketing
· Graduate Certificate Management
· Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming
· (Current) Masters of Leadership

"It is my firm belief that spiritual and emotional intelligence enriches far deeper aspects of our lives than academic intelligence alone. It's how we align our higher purpose and our primal emotional drives with our cognitive thinking. It's how we maintain a sense whole-self whilst meeting our leadership promise."

Transpersonal Leadership Coaching Australia

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