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Bridge the interpersonal gap to powerful leadership

Ask yourself this simple question: In the high IQ talent pool of today (cognitive intelligence scores have been rising for over 100 years), why are we increasingly disconnected from our sense of self, and others? And, If I continue doing what I have been for the next year, will I be happy with that version of me?

Now, imagine having the support of someone who champions your success, challenging you to go past your self-imposed fears and limitations, and asking questions that help you re-connect, and find solutions you didn't know you had.

My mission is to create happier, more productive, mindful entrepreneurs, leaders and business cultures.

I can help you become more effective and zero in on the essential building blocks of effective leadership - the primal values and motivators that drive your cognition and behaviour - your emotional intelligence.

Why Emotional Intelligence?

As business leaders and report that 76% of their most pressing issues are 'people/relational' based is it any wonder that emotional intelligence (EI) is more than twice as predictive of business performance than cognitive intelligence? After all, EI is about 'people smarts'.

My coaching programs, grounded in emotional intelligence, emphasise practical benefits and simple strategies that can be immediately integrated into your work and daily life.

Emotionally intelligent leaders create the culture they need to get the results they want.

About Me

We probably have a lot more in common than not - you see I'm not a neuroscientist, nor a philosopher, I simply  join dots and discover patterns in how effective, healthy leaders, and organisations think, act and communicate. I've also owned and operated several businesses and lived through many of the same challenges you face.

I coach because I firmly believe that most of us live in a state of constant over-inclusion - our minds are lit up like a Christmas tree. The last thing we need is even more lights and baubles.  What's missing is someone to help us strip away ineffective repeat patterns, to ask the right questions, to hold the space for us, without judgement, so that we can step into the person we know we can become.

My Qualifications

~ICF Accredited Executive and Organisational Coach
~EQi 2.0 / EQ 360 Accredited Practictioner
~Graduate Certificate Management
~Graduate Certificate Marketing
~Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming

Current Studies

~Graduate Diploma of Organisational Coaching & Leadership

The Impact

I help leaders and entrepreneurs develop their emotional intelligence allowing them to use their cognitive intelligence more effectively. The result is enhanced behavioural flexibility, improved interpersonal relationships, emotional resilience, and communication that is powerful and constructive.

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